Friday, July 31, 2009

Brew-Ha-Ha at Fort Street Update

Quoth Brewmaster Doug:
Brew-ha-ha-yeeee-haaaaa! The big week is finally upon us! All of you who spend all year looking forward to seeing what unique and delicious beers we'll bring to the MBG Fest and were disapointed that we didn't go, can now rejoice! This Saturday, August 1st we celebrate all things beer from 1-8 p.m. at the Fort Street Brewery. We'll have six new beers on tap and 14 beers total on tap. If you think you can come Sunday or Monday and get them, you'll be sorry! This is one day only and the six new one's will be gone! In addition to the beers, we'll have a special beer inspired food menu all week, with a couple of extra items on Saturday. More about the food later. We'll also have some great local homebrewers brewing up some beer all day long if you're interested in the brewing process or getting into homebrewing. Jason Smith from Adventures in Homebrewing will be one of those brewers, and he'll be happy to answer your brewing questions. For beers, we'll have our normal seven beers, plus: "Ring Around the Roselare" (a Flemish red style), "Hops in the Shade" (an IPA made witha couple of new hops I got and fermented with the same yeast as Summer Sunsation), "Brown Coffee" (a brown ale made with coffee), "Bourbon Cherry Brown" (a brown ale made with 40% wheat that I added bourbon soaked cherries to), "The Grapes and Grains of Wrath" (grape and grain fermented together. Essentially a porter/port combination), "Cherries Gone Wild" (malt and cherry juice fermented together with wild yeast. Unlike any fruit beer you've ever had!), and finally "Up North" (a rye pilsner). It's $5 to get your official logo pint glass and your first 5 oz sample. Additional samples are just $1 and all pints are just $3 for the duration of Brew-Ha-Ha! Five of the beers will be set-up out on the patio, and that's where you can get your glass and tickets. The big brewery door will be open, so feel free to wander around in the brewery and see what's going on back there...
...But did you know that in addition to being Brew-Ha-Ha! day, August 1st is also National Mustard Day? I hope that doesn't affect attendance! This week on "Can You Get Drunk From Eating Beer Batter?", you'll hear Francisco say, "See, I told ya people like parsley!" In honor of Brew-Ha-Ha!, we'll be serving up Beer Battered Shroom Fries (made with portabella mushrooms), Grilled Drunken Shrimp Salad (a salad topped with grilled shrimp that was marinated in beer and spices), Beer Pizza (mushrooms, onions, peppers, tomatoes, and beer made into a sauce, plus pepperoni and mozzarella), Beef Stout Pie (sort of a beef and beer pot pie), Beer-BQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches, and Grilled Mustard Crusted Whitefish (not made with beer, but goes good with beer). On Saturday, we'll also have Beer Can Chicken and Cassoulet (a beer lover's twist on the classic French stew). To summarize: great beer food all week long, 14 tremendous beers on tap Saturday from 1-8 p.m., people brewing beers, people drinking beers, and the funny sight of a headless chicken with a beer can shoved you know where!

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