Monday, July 13, 2009

Ole. Mole.

(Okay, that was dorky....)
I LOVE good mole. The problem is, it can be hard to find. And, if you do, chances are that the beer choices at the restaurant serving the mole don't quite do the dish justice. Solution? Make some! It's buckets of work, but if you have the time, really worth it. I've had all the ingredients in a Tupperware bin in the pantry for some time now, just waiting for a spare three hours. And I found it yesterday between Sunday's domestic chores and leaving to see "Seraphine" at the Detroit Film Theatre (which I missed, but that's another story.) So.... deseed a ton of mixed dry chile peppers, toast, soak, blend, grind, repeat, repeat, repeat, until all the chile peppers, black raisins, sesame seeds, nuts, pumpkin seeds, Abuelita Mexican chocolate, cinnamon stick, cloves, peppercorns, and toasted tortillas magically turn into a dark red, rich, spicy, nutty, chocolate-y, scrumptious, tantalizing mole. We had a bunch of leftover smoked turkey that tasted absolutely wonderful covered with the mole, and decided to pair it with Mr Cicerone's famed rauchbier. Given that I'd also used some dried chipotles in the chile pepper mix, this was a stellar match. And the dunkel wasn't bad either..... The good news is that all that work does produce a huge amount of mole; we ate less than a quarter of it last night. So, there will be a few more mole dinners coming up....

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