Sunday, July 26, 2009

Real Different Competition

Last Thursday, Mrs. Cicerone and I participated in a blind tasting for an article in Real Detroit Weekly, at the behest of a nice young man named Eric Allen. This was one item in their Beer Issue, which contains a slew of beer related items and features our friend Travis Fritts on the cover. In addition to our desire to help out and promote good beer, the desire to have some tasty beer and pizzas afterward was a draw, as the tasting was held at the Motor City Brewing Works pub. There were 69 beers to judge, and 3 panels of 3 judges to do it all. On a school night. The crew from Real Detroit are not beer nerds, like the rest of the crew that night, and so hadn't fully come up with a plan that would allow us to judge all the beers and get home before dawn. Fortunately, Mrs. Cicerone, AKA The Queen of Organization, stepped up to assist and soon we were chugging right along. Well, smelling and sipping right along....

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