Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chook for Dinner, Julia Style

Mrs. Cicerone has a bit of a girl-crush on the late Julia Child, and is in the middle of a(nother) biography of her. One tidbit about cooking she noted was that Mrs. Child felt strongly that anyone considering themselves any sort of fine cook must be able to do a great roast chicken. Thus, tonight's repast, done exactly as Julia herself would do, with a nice fresh chicken from Eastern Market (Saad's.) Also, sauteed leeks, mmmm.

I am doing my part by sitting outside on my ass doing blog posts. Also, I did sort of provide for such an eventuality by having dunkel, rauchbier, helles, and other nice things on tap here at Chez Cicerones. I am betting on the rauchbier...

Julia and her husband Paul had a great time together, and lived to the fullest. Here's to that.

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