Friday, September 18, 2009

Detroit Beer Week

From our friend Jon Piepenbrok:

Here's the skinny...

Prompted by the Guild's decision to host the new Fall event in Detroit (finally!), I had the idea to organize Detroit Beer Week. Similarly, Bil Lusa was putting together a couple of special events to celebrate beer in Detroit the same week. Long story short, Bil and I have had several discussions regarding the planning of this monumental and soon to be legendary week-long series of events leading up to the Harvest Festival.

(The Harvest Festival is an MBG event at Detroit's Eastern Market.)

The week is slated to kick off Friday October 16, with events each day, leading up to the Harvest Festival on Saturday October 24, with the final events being held Sunday the 25th...

We see the Harvest Festival, and Detroit Beer Week, as not only a way to promote Great Beer in SE Michigan and Detroit, but also as a way to promote the value and beauty of our beloved city as well. That being said events will consist of everything from pub crawls to historic brewing tours to educational sessions to tastings, beer dinners and more; all focusing on Michigan Beer and the City of Detroit...

Our current list of venues we have already spoken
to or want to be involved include:

Atwater Block Brewery
Motor City Brewing Works
Traffic Jam and Snug
Detroit Beer Co
Slow's Bar-B-Q
Foran's Grand Trunk Pub
24 Grille
Park Bar

Sounds good, yes?

Contact Jon for more info:

Jon Piepenbrok
Detroit Beer Week

There is also alleged to be a Facebook page for the event....

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