Sunday, January 10, 2010

As I lay here and groan.....

...after a fantastic meal, I'm thankful for all the fantastic food, beer and resources that allow me to create dishes such as the one we just finished.
Take two thick veal chops on the bone, season with unsalted butter, salt & pepper, and roast in a 500 deg oven on a shallow baking dish for 15-20 minutes, turning once. At the same time, smother 1/2 pound of red grapes with a mix of aged sherry vinegar & balsamic vinegar, unsalted butter, and S & P, and roast them in the oven on another shallow dish until they have broken down and caramelized slightly. Spread the grape goo on the chops, and serve with a side of roasted caramelized brussel sprouts. The perfect beer?The rare Cantillon St Lamvinus. Oh my.

Thinking back to last night's feast, 'twas a savoury bread pudding, made with cubed French bread, eggs, cream, scallions, roasted garlic puree, Italian parsley, a touch of cayenne pepper, and Nueske bacon. The secret ingredient, incorporated into the egg/cream mix, was Sam Adams Old Fezziwig Ale. We drank more of the same with the pudding- it was rich, malty, and pruney- somehow not quite as Mr Cicerone and I remembered it, but if anything, even better than we remembered!

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