Saturday, January 16, 2010

Brew Day Batch # 313

American IPA, at the request of Mrs. Cicerone. She quite rightly points out that frequently the first thing either of us goes for on arriving home from work is a snappy pale ale, bitter and quenching. Thus the design criteria: OG 1.060ish, medium light body, gold to amber color, 60 BU and lots of hop flavor and aroma. We want some malt depth, but not too much sweetness. To that end, I included 10% Munich and 5% Cara Hell in the grist, the balance being pale malts carefully selected based on what was leftover in assorted sacks in the Circus Room. As to hops, most of the bittering duty falls to a couple of additions of Centennial, giving over to 3 additions of Cascade as the boil progresses, and capped with a dose of UK Fuggles at strike to round things out a bit. Hmm, must be time for a beer-- maybe a Sierra Nevada Celebration for inspiration....

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