Sunday, July 11, 2010

Brew Day, Batch 321: Special Bitter

It's a beautiful summer day, so I'm spending it like many would like to: in a basement. To be fair, there is beer in the basement...

From today's effort, I hope to have some Special Bitter to drink in a few weeks' time. Target OG is 1.040, BU 30 from Goldings, with one middling late addition of the same. There will also be a small (< 1/4 oz.) amount of dry hops in each 5 gallon keg. Today's grist is Muntons Marris Otter, with about 8% 40L domestic crystal malt and a pinch of British chocolate malt. Color should be a nice copper. Wyeast 1098, a fairly restrained, well-flocculating English ale yeast, will transmogrify the wort I'm making into beer.

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