Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Brew Day, Batch 322: IPA

Old school 'Merican IPA, a streamlined version of batch 313, with a little less 'closet cleaning' going on. While the dumbass did add the salts, he was too busy blogging as the mashtun was filling with strike water, and so let it fill to just shy of overflowing, instead of halfway. Since the brewery here in the basement of Chez Cicerone has no pumps, putting that 5 gallons of near-boiling water back into the hot liquor tun took a bit of doing, a bit of steam burns, and a bit of melting laundry sink. Not content to rest on his laurels regarding dumbass status maintenance, once the mash was safely stabilized, the dumbass returned to blogging while topping up the hot liquor tun. Needless to say, said tun was duly overflowed. Good thing the dumbass brews near a floor drain....

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