Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Second Week of Beer Week

Sorta. Monday was sort of the extra doughnut in a baker's dozen, as applied to Detroit Beer Week. The good folks at Slows BBQ had a Founders Brewing happy hour out on their patio, with a selection of new and cellared beers, including a cask of this year's Harvest Ale, 1/6 barrels of this year's Nemesis (sharply black and roasty,) and 8 month old draft Kentucky Breakfast Stout, and other delights. The weather was unseasonably warm, the crowd convivial, and (surprise!) there was some decent food to eat, as well. Mr. Cicerone had a bit too much beer, and stayed up a bit too late on a school night, but was kindly looked after by Mrs. Cicerone. (Whooo!!)

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