Tuesday, December 27, 2011

We have it all!

The end result of this

We tried Mr Cicerone's Wee Heavy ( just a tad too lightweight for this incredibly rich boozy pudding, but close),
Mr Cicerone's Buster '09 (one of my favourite beers EVER, but the pudding made the beer taste too bitter), and Mr Cicerone's Buster  2010- perfect! It takes one MIGHTY beer to stand up to this dessert.

Potato latkes for Chanukah, along with, er, ham and shrimp?
Among the many beers consumed, the "official" Chanukah beer is always He'Brew "Origin" pomegranate ale.


  1. Note official Chanukah ham in foreground at right....

  2. And right behind, official Chanukah shrimp.