Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What I'm Doing (Drinking) Tomorrow Night

4x4 is back! Almost...
Greetings and salutations!

If you weren't here for last week's cask tapping (and unfortunately, not many were), ya missed a hell of a show! Every time we think that it's not possible to make a bigger mess, someone proves us wrong! Gordie, Gordie, Gordie! I guess I just gotta be more serious about those pre-tapping instructions!
Now that most of the mess is cleaned up, we'll be tapping our 124th cask-conditioned ale this Thursday, March 11th, at 8ish p.m. "Roselle, Roselle" is a young beer's strange and erotic journey from fermenter to cask. The base beer is the soon to return, "4x4" (made with barley, wheat, rye, oats, and four hop varieties) with hibiscus flowers added to the cask. Flowers in beer?! Hell, yeah! These are some fabulously fine-flavored flowers! Fabulous flowers? Anyways, it's a must have. As always, we'll have some priceless prizes for a few lucky folks in attendance at the tapping.
I was just reminded today that St. Patrick's Day is next week! We'll be open at 7 a.m. for breakfast with "St. Pat's Nitro Stout" on tap and we'll stay open until the last leprechaun has left the building.
We have tentatively sold all the limited edition bottles of "Opus Amor", but if you're willing to pay more than $25, I'll gladly give you someone elses bottle. Just let me know ASAP, because I plan to start giving them out this week.
Our drinks of the week this week are Don Q Rum & Coke for just $2, and the exotic and refreshing Carribean Cooler (Don Q Silver Rum and Coconut Rum with pineapple and OJ) for just $2.50. That's a real deal. But you might be thinking to yourself, "If I spend $2.50 on a drink, I won't have enough money to buy a tube of toothpaste!" No problem, just go to and click on the toothpaste icon, fill out the form, and get yourself a free tube of Burt's Bees Natural toothpaste!
If you don't know about all our other new specials, there's just far too many for me to list here, so check out our new and improved website, or check out our Facebook page everyday to see that day's specials.
This week on "Hammer For Hire", you'll hear Katie say, "Hey, Ricky, wanna come over to my house and split some wood?". You'll also hear Ricky say, "OUCH!". And finally, you'll hear Pete say, "This is precisely why I need more cooks!".
On your swollen plate this week, look for Picnic Party Pizza (cold pizza with cream cheese and veggies), Popped Chicken, Italian Sausage Saccotini, Stuffed Pizza (stuffed with chicken spinach, chicken, and 3 cheeses), Honey Baked Walleye, Chicken & Waffles, Stuffed Turkey Burgers, and Beer Can Chicken (Thursday - Sunday).
To summarize: cask-conditioned ale in your glass, and not on the floor or your face; "Flowers for me? You shouldn't have!"; "Does anyone mind if I brush my teeth at the table?"; "Maybe Ricky could work at I-HOP!"; and "yep, we're still short-handed".

See ya soon,

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  1. That was gooood. Those not lucky enough to get some of the Roselle, Roselle, but curious about hibiscus in beer are encouraged to seek out Dieu du Ciel's Rosee de Hibiscus....