Monday, March 1, 2010

What's Up At Fort Street

There is still some Opus Amor left. Get some. Trust me.... We'll let Doug tell all about it, plus some other stuff going on at our local brewpub:

Greetings and salutations!

Welcome to March! Can you believe that St. Patrick's Day is just a little more than two weeks away?! Before ya know it, we'll be drinkin' Irish stout, dancing a jig, and talking baloney about blarney!
This Thursday, March 4th at 8ish p.m., we'll tap our 123rd cask-conditioned ale. I'm sure you remember "Bootlegger's Porter". For that beer, I took oak spirals, soaked 'em in bourbon, and then lined the serving tank with 'em. After we ran out of "Bootlegger's", we had alot of used wood on our hands and I hated to waste it. So I took some of that oak, soaked it in Scotch this time, and added it to a cask filled with "Beernormous". We call it "2nd Hand Wood". For a big beer like this, maybe I should've called it "Big Wood". Either way, it'll be great! As always, we'll have some fabulous prizes for a few lucky folks in attendance for the tapping.
With a new month comes new specials! Monday's are now Meatball Mondays! You can get a delicous meatball sub for just $3.50. You can also get juicy knackwurst for only $3 and wash it down with $2 Lincoln Lagers. We also host Texas Hold 'Em tournaments at 7:30 and 8:45 p.m. on Mondays. On Tuesdays, Fan Club members can get any beer for just $2.25, and everyone can get $3 cheesy bread (basically a parmesan & mozzarella pizza cut into smaller pieces) or $5 Turkey Taco Pizza (seasoned ground turkey, refried beans, and cheese). On Wednesday we offer $2 Lincoln Lagers again, plus $3 turkey legs, and $3 Humpday Hamburgers (1/4 lb. burger with grilled onions). On Friday you can get a pint of beer for $5 in a logo glass and keep the glass. We also offer $6 Long Island Pitchers. On Saturday, we have happy hours until 6 p.m. and $4 pepperoni pizzas and $6 Long Island pitchers all day. Finally, on Sunday, Fan Club members can once again get any beer for just $2.25, and everyone can get $4 pepperoni pizzas and $3 knackwursts. There ya have it. I know that's alot to remember, so you can check it all out on our new website, or see each days special listed on our Facebook page.
Our first drink of the week for March is Milagro Tequila Margaritas. You can get one for the ridiculously low price of $3.75! That's a great deal, and ya know what else is a great deal? Free hot ceral! Just go to click on the free sample box and tell 'em where to send it.
I still have 5 bottles of Opus Amor left to sell. These are beautiful, limited edition, numbered and signed one-liter bottles. The profits go to Homes For Troops, which is a very worthy charity that build new, or retrofits existing homes, for disabled veterans. Minimum bid on a bottle is $25, which is a steal! I'd like to get at least five more high bids this week and get these bottles out of my way.
This week on, "The Popularly Priced Pepperoni Pizza", you'll hear Nicole say, "What's that ticking noise?". You'll also hear Doug say, "That's my head. It's gonna explode if we don't get some help here soon!"
On your crowded plate this week, look for Chicken Fried Chicken (with mashed potatoes, beer gravy, and stuffing), Parmesan Perch, Portabella Stroganoff, Buffalo Chicken Wraps, Meatatarian Pizza (just in time for lent), Salmon IPA Burgers (Friday-Sunday), Chicken & Waffles, Stuffed Turkey Burgers, and Beer Can Chicken (Thursday - Sunday).
To summarize: used wood in your beer might sound funny, but it's tasty!; Meatballs Mondays; Turkey Taco Tuesdays; Humpday Hamburgers; "Dude, did you steal that glass from Fort Street Brewery?"; there's just no knocking knackwurst!; "That Fan Club thing sure sounds like a hell of a deal!"; free Cream of Wheat!; "Come on! Buy a bottle of Opus for crying out loud!"; and "If you need money, we've got a job for you!".

See ya soon,

Fort Street Brewery
1660 Fort St.
Lincoln Park, MI
(313) 389-9620

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