Friday, May 1, 2009

Brew Day, Batch #mumblemumble+1

Irish stout today, to be served from the cask via beer engine at the Batch 300 party. Many balls in the air, actually, including washing some new kegs, racking some helles from the lagering vessels, washing more kegs and filling them with pils to be lagered, cleaning a bunch of carboys, and doing a couple blog posts from the to-do pile. Oh...

Well, I got everything done except the blog post. Better late than never, I reckon. So, 48 hours later, the stout-wort is bubbling away and looking good. Here's the gory details for those who care about such things:

Recipe for 11 gallons:

12 lb. Briess 2 row malt
2 lb. flaked barley
2 lb. British roasted barley
1-3/4 oz Nugget hops (whole) 12% alpha for est. 40 BU
wyeast 1056 yeast
Mash water treated with CaCO3

Mashed 1 quart/lb at 149F for 1 hour.

Yield 11 gallons plus a teense at 1.044

Fermenting at 66F. I can't wait for this beer to be ready; it's one of my all-time favorites. It will go into the cask when it's done fermenting, along with priming sugar and a small handfull of Willamettes. Yeah, buddy!

The helles tasted good on racking, even at 32 degrees. Hold on- (footsteps fading off and returning) aww, yeah! Good pilsener malt flavor, nice light hop character, balancing bitterness, just a touch of DMS. At'll do....

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