Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why Would Anyone Miss This?

So said our friend Shawn last night, after attending his first Beer Club dinner at Slows last night. The food was spectacular, and paired up very nicely with the New Holland beers. A quick recap:

Full Circle (Kolsch) paired with an oyster shooter consisting of a fresh oyster, diced mango, and Knickerbocker gin. The earthy hop bitterness and the brininess of the oyster really hooked up and streeetched out, accentuating each other nicely.

Cask Mad Hatter IPA with a rabbit samosa on fresh mustard greens with a drizzle of red curry sauce. All around wonderful.

Black Tulip Tripel with a seared bay scallop topped with some thin salami alongside a red apricot and drizzled with honey beurre blanc. Tara's adjective, decadent, applied fully. The tripel was extremely fresh and hoppy. Each of the individual components were excellent, and together they made us see stars.

Brother Jacob dubbel was paired up with braised short ribs on top of golden beets and a redskin. Classic pairing, and perfectly executed.

Dragons Milk oak-aged imperial stout with Bacon Creme Brulee. Yes, Bacon. Creme Brulee. We'd actually been lucky enough to sample this insane-yet-wonderful confection a couple of years ago when Brian cooked it up for a trade show we were involved with. It was very good with the stout, which has some pretty pronounced vanilla flavor from the oak.

Kudos to Chef Perrone and everyone at Slows BBQ for putting together another killer dinner!

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