Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pig On!

One 11lb. shoulder in the smoker, not to come out until, like, bedtime.

Jerk paste being applied to two (2) legs of lamb.

Carolina BBQ dressing infusing.

Starter wort boiling.

Roux for gumbo on.

Gumbo assembled and simmering.

Pig cooks on.

Grist weighed. Huge.

Gumbo cooked. Fantastic

(Guess I'm "liveblogging")

Grist crushed and apportioned between 3 mash/lauter vessels. 70lb. total.

Pig continues to cook.

25 turkey drumsticks prepped for smoker.

Check salmon. Bigger than Dave's.

Yellow Beer Fridge ready.

Vidalia onion roasted, now simmering in Belhaven Wee Heavy.

6 tap cooler outside.

Firkin outside.

Pig cooking.

Trifle assembled.

Roasted onion dip complete.

All beers on cool power and gas.

Schwarzbier checks OK, and is excellent with my gumbo dinner. Wife says Maibock tastes good with shrimp on a bagel. Sounds weird.

Broach, vent, tap cask of stout. Oh. Ohhh. This is why I get up in the morning.

German apple pancake in oven.

Roasted garlic and onion jam with bleu cheese pizzas assembled.

Bring pig in house, remove bark. Disassembles easily with fork. Curious pink color. Tasty!

Glass of pils, then lights out @23:30. Doughing in at 08:00 tomorrow.

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  1. And I thought I was doing well to get a brisket on the smoker by 2 pm!