Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This Thursday at Fort Street

Two new beers, including the return of Piston Pale Ale.
Sez Doug:
I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday weekend! It was very lonely for all of us at the brewery, so we hope now that you're back home, you'll come visit us!

This Thursday, May 28th, "Piston Pale Ale" returns! Our annual summer IPA is made with 50% wheat and 100% Amarillo hops. Citrusy and refreshing; it's the taste of summer (especially for hop heads)! In addition to "Piston", we'll also be tapping our 103rd cask-conditoned ale. "Terry's Red Shine" is "Corktown Red" with some home-made moonshine added to the cask. Our celebrity guest tapper will be our biggest celebrity guest to date! If you're a sports fan, you know him well. If you're not a sports fan, then I guess he's just another guy. But we are very pleased to have Terry Foster tap this cask. You may know him as a writer for The Detroit News, or as co-star of the "Valenti and Foster" radio show, or perhaps you've read one of his two books. Either way, he'll be here, and so will alot of other cool and popular people. Of course, you know the key to being cool and popular is to do what other cool and popular people do. So, we'll be expecting you around 8 p.m.

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