Monday, April 5, 2010

The great Melbournian delicacy

"Parma", as in "chicken/veal parmigiana". It's everywhere. It was a staple of every pub's "counter meal" during my "night out at the pub" days in the 70's & 80's, and there it still was during our last trip to Oz in 2006, the notice outside every pub proudly advertising "Pot & Parma". **

A quick foray into the Elsternwick pub the other day did not fail to disappoint with the sight of a well-dressed business woman lunching alone on, you guessed it, a Parma.

And, behold this sign outside a pub we passed recently.

Field research led us to "Mrs Parmas" , a restaurant devoted entirely to the art of Parma prep, for dinner over the weekend (it was actually recommended to us for its good beer menu!)And, here 'tis.....Eggplant "Parmageddon" for Mr Cicerone, and Veal Parma atop a bed of mushy peas for me. Good beer-sopping food indeed!

** A "pot" over here is a 10oz glass of beer.....

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