Friday, April 23, 2010

Try these with your Lutefisk

New at Merchant's (from Scandinavia).....

*Nogne O/Mikkeller collaboration "Tyttebaer" (say it quickly) - Wild ale chock full o' Brettanomyces and flavoured with "Scandinavian Cranberries', or Lingonberries. Kjetil (Nogne O brewer) and the Mikkeller guys have done it again with this one. It's fantastic.

*Nogne O (Norway) Tiger Tripel. Classic Belgian-style Tripel, 9% ABV (Yet to try it.)

*Beer Here (Norway) "Dark Hops" Black IPA 8.5%ABV
"Hops were harmed in the production of this beer."

*Bere Here "Morke" Pumpernickel Porter !!!!! 7.5% ABV. Mmmmm. Yum. Mmmmm.

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