Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Some Retail Opportunities

We are able to buy a few British beers here that we can't get at home, despite being a wee bit farther away now. Right now we are revisiting the remarkable Golden Glory, which we enjoyed last time we were here. It's an English Summer Ale flavored with Saaz and peach blossom extract. It has a peachy, floral aroma, medium bitterness, and a moderate clean maltiness. We also enjoyed Badger's First Gold, a single hop varietal bitter, which was fine, indeed. A can of Brain's bitter had us both grinning, and Worthington's White Shield, a real Burton pale ale, is still a minerally, hoppy wonder. We also have acquired a bottle of Fuller's Golden Pride that will be coming home with us, and a bottle of Mann's Brown Ale that might....

Mostly, though, we're drinking Aussie beer. The craft beer scene has exploded here in the last few years, and we're not going to be able to sample everything even in our immediate vicinity. Tonight we are going to sample the beers at the brewpub right next door to where we're staying. (No conceivable excuse for skipping that....)

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