Friday, April 23, 2010

New beers at Merchant's

*New Holland Mole Ocho (Mole beer! Brewed with chilies & chocolate, not burrowing nocturnal creatures.)
*New Holland Imperial Hatter
*Short's Golden Rule organic IPA
*Jolly Pumpkin E S Bam (fresh batch)
*Arcadia Sky High Rye in 6 packs (fantastic beer!)

*Rogue Double Mocha Porter (8.2%)
*Samuel Adams "Longshot" Homebrew contest winners 6pack (2 each Lemon Pepper Saison, Old Ale, & Barley Wine) (Note from Mrs Cicerone- nice job on the saison! Really peppery, just how I like them. Am yet to taste the Old Ale & barley Wine.)

"Pink Killer" grapefruit Witbier from the "Silly Brewery (Note from Mrs Cicerone...very strange beer- in a good wKjetiay, I Think.)
Witterkerke Framboise- raspberry Witbier

*We just got a fresh batch of two fantastic bottle-conditioned CAMRA approved English Bitters- Coniston Bluebird Bitter, & Ridgeway Bitter. Both great examples of the style, which is hard to come by here.
*From Ridgeway Brewing- Foreign Extra Stout. Another style that is a little hard to find.
*Oxfordshire Brewing, 3 fantastic English bitters/session beers. "Triple B"- 3.7%."Pride of Oxford"- 4.2%. "Marsh-mellow"- the strongest at 4.7%. This are classic examples of FULL-FLAVOURED BEERS that won't leave you staggering around after you've had a few.
*Hepworth Brewing- another three beautiful full-flavoured English ales. "Pullman Bitter" at 4.2%, "Iron Horse Pale Ale" at 4.8%, and "Classic Old Ale"- another style that is getting harder to find.

Hooray! Some craft beer from Ireland!
Porterhouse Brewing presents.....
*Oyster Stout (brewed with oysters!) Note from Mrs Cicerone- This is a great example of a dry Irish stout. Can't say I could taste any oyster though, especially as I was not eating any at the time, sadly....)
*Irish Red Ale
*Wrassler's XXXX Stout

*Lisberger Bock
*Burgerbrau Dunkler Bock
(Note from Mrs Cicerone- I'm falling behind in my homework. Havn't tasted these yet. But, O! I love Bock!)

(Separate Scandinavia edition to follow....)

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