Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our final hurrah

Our last night in Oz called for a special meal. That would be "fish & chips". The Australian way. Which means flake, heavily battered and deep fried, or "grilled", which means lightly battered sprinkled and fried on a hotplate. Mandatory sides (for me!) are potato cakes- thick slices of potato battered and deep fried, dim sims ***- steamed for me and fried for Mr Cicerone, chips (fries- thick cut), and battered and deep fried scallops, which have the roe attached (I am yet to find a scallop here that has the roe, and I have certainly looked). Other popular sides that did not grace our table that evening are battered and deep fried banana and pineapple, and chiko rolls.
NOTE- STEAMED & FRIED DIM SIMS NEXT TO POTATO CAKE, AND SCALLOPS (batter removed for photo) WITH ROE. And yes, that is a Red Hook glass, acquired by my bro-in-law while visiting here, and filled with Mountain Goat Hightail Ale.

This meal is not (but should be) featured in "This Is Why You're Fat".

***Anyone see Muriel's Wedding? When Muriel was discussing her fictitious boyfriend with Rhonda, and was asked his name, Muriel stuttered "Eeer, Tim. Tim.....Sims. Tim Sims." I saw the movie at its debut at the Chicago International Film Fest and was the only person in the room that laughed.

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