Monday, April 12, 2010

More Notable Snacks

We're winding down, getting bags packed for an early departure tomorrow, readying ourselves for tearful farewells, and looking back at some pretty fair fare...



Moreton Bay Bug spring rolls with lime dipping sauce
Salt & pepper calamari
Mountain Goat Steam Ale and Little Creatures Bright Ale


First foray...

Bruschetta with boquerones
Grilled artichoke hearts, olives
Marinated mushrooms

Lunch the next day....

Octopus Galician-style with sweet paprika
Fried whitebait with aoli
Semolina gnocchi with sage butter (On left, not dumplings, but thick slabs.)
Frites with aoli
We enjoyed a peppery saison from Temple brewing, and Mountain Goat Riwaka Pale Ale, with these delicious snacks.


Peppered rare kangaroo fillet atop greens, with feta, olives, cucumber and red onion, enjoyed with Epic Brewing's pale ale
Chick pea and semi-dried tomato stew with fried halloumi, enjoyed with Mountain Goat Hightail, and Temple Special Bitter.


Charcuterie platter- prosciutto, pancetta, roasted eggplant, roasted zucchini, roasted red pepper, and O!, the most wonderful smooth, rich and luscious chicken liver pate (which we will be attempting to reproduce very soon).
Cheese platter with quince paste and dried fruits. The cheeses were not identified, but one was a washed rind "moderately stinky" cows milk, one was something akin to a gruyere, and one was a rich buttery triplecream.
All enjoyed with Bridge Rd Chevalier saison, and Mountain Goat Rapunzel.

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